firstwebcastWooFTek is my term for the stunning amount of research, development, testing, assembly, and technological explorations that I have undertaken to continue my life’s passion: to record the incredible adventures I have with my WooFPAK! I am the WooFDriver- a dog loving, adventure pursuing guy who appreciates and seeks out the excitement of life every day.  I push the envelope of possibility to further explore the world around me with my WooFPAK by my side!

My goal is to find a variety of venues that appeal to my dogs’ instincts, to let them unleash their wild fire and stake their claim in this world as they explore. I follow along for the ride and get to share in their joy as they sew their oats and get to define a WooFPAK’s life on their own terms. In today’s world it’s possible, through the aid of technology and proper training, to give them opportunities to run wild safely and allow them to access to a natural sense of freedom rarely allowed in today’s busy, controlled, metropolitan environments.  I believe in letting my WooFPAK experience the freedom of expression truly known as the WOOFS Way!

ecospeedYou don’t have to know anything about dogs to appreciate and be intrigued by the equipment and systems I develop and use to make these dreams a reality. These technological advancements can be used for many purposes… to help others find answers and explore ideas… to turn dreams into realities and further enrich our lives’… all through taking advantage of opportunities offered by modern science!  My creations perfectly blend technological opportunities with the WooFPAK’s need to experience nature on their own terms.