woofaxx1The WOOF AXX stands apart from the rest of the WooFTek, and I didn’t know where to put it on this site, so here it is, in About!  It is a little fitting because next to dogs, Music is what I am all about!

I write my own songs, many parities, but I don’t sing or really have any musical talent.  The WooFPlay band and others put the music to my lyrics and sing them out.  In my quest for extremism in everything I do, to expand the stage presence of the WooFPlay band,  I came up with the WOOF AXX.

It is a series of custom electric guitars, that of course, look like WooFs!  The are hollow bodies and the WooF’s ears are the sound holes.  This feature originated as a aesthetic element, it ended up creating a truly unique sound when played.  Being a WooFDriver creation, the tech couldn’t end there, the eyes of the WooF are LEDs.  They flash to the strumming of the guitar, reacting to various sounds and controls.

woofaxx2Each guitar of the six guitars in the series are unique in design and custom hand painting.  They are spread out across the world currently with the members of the WooFPlay band from California to England and in-between.

Read more about this amazing guitar on WoofTunes.com here.