Kodak SP-360You may have seen some of the my latest videos featuring super wide views of his adventures. I am constantly exploring the latest technologies of course to get the most immersive perspectives of all the excitement with my dogs daily. I have been intrigued with 360° cameras before this technology became affordable. With the introduction of the Kodak SP 360 I was able to start using these cameras hands on. I have spent the past 6+ months using these cameras and most of the features to the fullest extent. Because of my extensive use and situations I am trying to capture  I have become a pro on them like most of the other equipment I use.

These Kodak SP 360s have so many great features but because of poor documentation and competition from other manufacturers they haven’t got the play and market share they deserve. This camera has quickly become one of my favorites. Please keep in mind this technology is still in it’s early stages so the true 360 videos that allow the user to explore the whole scene through mouse or finger movements is not yet refined enough. Though this camera is quite capable of filming and posting this style interactive video to YouTube it is not yet the quality you might expect. That being said I am using this camera for so many other features such as capturing in 360 degree mode but rendering in other formats that kodak offers in it’s extensive software and does give fantastic quality. Also it’s wide view when using this camera in normal mode gives you the widest view I have seen from any cam straight out of the box and I would say rivals almost any fish eye view.

Rhett-Kodak-800PXRhett is wearing one of these Kodak 360s as they include many mounting options because of their built in tripod adapter and no need for a case as they are weather resistant for most situations above water. But they do offer an under water case similar to a GoPro style case.

Zarro-Kodak-800PXZarro is wearing a Kodak 360 with my special mounting technique to provide very little camera shake from almost any movement he makes.

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Below are a few of my many videos filmed partially or in it’s entirety using the Kodak SP-360