Nikon D7100This camera is probably is my most used camera. I bought this primarily because Nikon offers a 18-300mm lens. This lens is made by Nikon and is fully compatible with all the cameras features, unlike third-party lenses that do not “talk” to the camera. I have fallen in love with this camera because the white balance and quick focus yield the best result for my fast-moving white dogs. I’m always looking to be creative with any camera that I use. I really like in-camera special effects and features that allow me to tweak the picture in the field. I often do not have the time in post production to dig deep in Photoshop. My goal is to be able to keep my audience’s attention day-to-day by always coming up with something new. That’s where creative effects and filters can play a strategic role in my photographic endeavors.

ColorSketchOne of my favorite and most used features on this camera is under color effects called Selective Color. This feature allows color isolation, up to three, and converts all but those colors into black and white. So I could make a picture of the dogs black and white, except for their blue eyes which then pop out of the photo. This is a super fun effect, and is offered by other cameras, but is much better implemented on the Nikon. Gamma range per color for instance allows for even coverage of you selected object.

Color SketchAnother effect I have used in-camera is the Color Sketch effect. This converts a picture into a cartoonish appearance. This is similar to many Photoshop effects, but it is often more time efficient to effect pictures in the field rather than back at my computer. All these effects can be applied while taking the picture, or after the fact when reviewing the pictures. This camera has good battery life. It also has dual SD media slots. This can be configured as both are for storage, giving immense amounts of on-camera memory. Or mirrored, with each picture stored on both cards, creating a real-time backup of your pictures in case of card failure.

One of the WooFDriver pit crew has used this camera to shoot video. He loves it! Says it’s not as cumbersome to use as a Canon 5D, but yielding excellent results. And that’s saying something since he is a professional videographer by trade. I have yet to use this function and will report back once I have.

One of this camera’s down sides is its WiFi connectivity.  It is an external adapter that requires  the door to be open, and often looses connection.  It also significantly reduces battery life.  I often only use in once  back in the truck.  I am uncomfortable about using this feature in a less than clean environment, and if I wait to kill the battery until after an outing, at least I won’t miss any shots.  Another down side is the lcd screen does not swing out or pivot like other cameras.  This limits my ability to take side, low or high angle shots.

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