Panasonic Lumix GH3This camera was purchased mainly because of its burst rate photo function.  I actually purchased this to analyze my martial arts techniques.  This camera can shoot 20fps at it top speed, for up to 4 seconds, or 80 burst shots.  I learned about these super high-speed techniques from an earlier camera of mine the Casio EX-FH20 I had a remote trigger modified to work with this camera.  I can trigger the shutter on this camera by either sound or motion.  This allowed me to get in front of the camera and remotely start the burst mode to record TaeKwonDo techniques.

Action captured by GH3’s burst mode

With its high burst rate I enjoy filming fast subject matter such as the butterfly pictured to the side.  I also enjoy doing flip book style pictorial videos.  As pictured below.  Again I still struggle with the viewfinder on mirrorless cameras such as this, so I mostly use the LCD screen.  Like the Canons, it is both swing out and swivel.  The WiFi connectivity is also good on this camera for remote control and transferring of images to a remote device.  In fact of all my cameras, this is the only one that allows for zoom control through the WiFi remote app.

Flipbook style movie made from a series of burst mode pictures

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One of my favorite special effects on this camera is One Point Color.  Similar to other cameras, this creates a black and white image with only one color visible.  This only allows one color per photo, unlike the Nikon which allows three.  Additionally there is a star effect, unique to this camera, that makes stars/twinkles at any bright point in the photo.

GH3 One Point Color effect.
GH3 Star Effect

Another cool one is on the video side-slow motion.  It allows recording video in-camera at as slow as 40% of realtime speed.  The resulting video has much less motion blur than if you tried to do this in post.  I have been unable to find the technical specifications on this feature, but I am assuming that the camera is shooting at a high fps and then slowing the video down, maintaining a 1080p/30fps.  What ever they are doing it looks great!  There is also no time limit on this feature other than storage space on your card.  Other cameras with similar features are often limited to a matter of seconds. On the other side, this camera has a nice time lapse feature, too. Very easy to use and works well. Since the camera works as normal while the charger is attached, this feature is especially good for a long time lapse where a battery would otherwise die.

This camera does exceptionally well with normal video and is often used by a WooFDriver pit crew on shoots as an all around single use device– stills, burst, and movies– all in one. It is also a splash and dust proof camera, as are its lenses.  We are often out in unpredictable weather and this feature gives us much comfort when the skies start to turn.

This is a nice camera, even if it does not rival my other cameras in picture quality.  It’s form factor is slightly smaller and lighter, as are the lenses.  This makes the camera easier to handle during action shoots.  Panasonic’s lens offerings are also extensive, but not for my particular purposes.  There is not an all-purpose 55-200mm lens.  What they have is a more specific range of offerings, focusing on quality rather than universal all-in-one lenses which I prefer.

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