The Breeze has filled a niche for me as I do a lot of my dog adventuring solo. Before, I was limited to either my Phantom 3 or Typhoon H3 drones. It worked, but using them was more involved. They can be cumbersome to set up and keeping track of them as an adventure is unfolding can be difficult. When the Breeze became available, I was interested because of its extremely small size. The drone is breeze-faq-7a4afe1donly just bigger than the palm of my hand, and has itty-bitty propellers that almost resemble a toy. Despite it’s small footprint, it has some of the same features found in the professional drones.

In my few weeks of experimenting, I have found that it is much less intimidating. It’s size makes it easier to put up in the air almost anywhere, and it wont do much damage to anything (or anybody) it should happen to hit, which on some of the dog adventures I go on with my guys can be a distinct possibility!

The Breeze is half the price of the big guys, and I can carry it in a very small box, taking it along on almost any activity I do with my dogs. In addition, it flies from most smartphone devices, eliminating the need for other controllers. which means the only controller (your phone) is also small.gruppe-4-a3d1b85a

It does do 4K resolution, but its video is limited to 1080 hd video stabilization. In 4k there is no stabilization so the video will appear a little choppy. Also, its size in this design doesn’t allow for higher speeds, so when I’m out with the dogs we have to travel at slower pace if I want it to follow closely.

The Breeze is an excellent way to take quick pictures from sky to capture an aerial of whatever it is we’re interested in. It’s also good for some quick video because of its portability. You can check out some footage I’ve taken with the Yuneec Breeze here. [FOOTAGE HERE]