I have two Typhoon H3 drones, which due to time constraints, I have only flown a limited number of times, but I really like the capabilities. There is one guy on my team who has logged many more hours than me, and the times we’ve flown them we’ve gotten good results.

typh-h-prodfot_basis_0001-6a16ea17I like it because it’s a hexacopter, which means it has six blades instead of the more typical four. The six blades give the Typhoon H3 a lot more stability and the extra blades increase the speed of the drone. The stability and speed features allow us to fly them in higher wind conditions. The Typhoon H3 also offers retractable landing gear, which allows you to capture unobstructed video and photographic images because the gear won’t be in the way of your shot. In addition to its tablet-sized remote, you can control most the aircraft’s functions through an optional handheld wand.

I’m an avid dog adventurer, and the adventures I regularly take with my dogs are pretty epic. We go all over to mush my team of huskies, traveling as far north as Cape Cod Rail Trail, out to the Erie Canal Trail in New York, and other places along the way, like the C&O Canal. In addition, we often go free-ranging, with the dogs off leash using an ATV on farms and large land areas in MD and VA. What’s nice about the Typhoon H3, is that I can attach the handheld wand to the dog’s collar and it will follow the dog accordingly for some epic footage. I’ve caught some pretty incredible footage this way. You can see some examples here. [LINK to FOOTAGE]

The Typhoon H3 is a sophisticated piece of equipment. While I have not mastered it just yet, I am working on it, and I’m enjoying the process. I have put several of these bigger drones like the Typhoon H3 into my teams’ hands though, because they’re more experienced pilots than me.

%e6%ad%a3%e5%89%8d-to-client-0216-copy-2-1beaac89When we’re out on a flying adventure, my team will try to reach my dogs and me from different locations, so they’ll use different techniques. For example, if I’m out on a trail, back in the woods on top of a mountain, my team will park in a remote location within a couple of miles of the area where they know I’ll be. They’ll try to fly the drone from the mountain where they are over the river or some body of water to reach my location, capturing a bird’s eye view of the whole scene. The drone allows us to see the scene in the most glorious style possible. The video and images we get are truly worth reliving again and again. Check it out here for yourself. [LINK to FOOTAGE]