Cameras The camera collection I have assembled over the years has enabled me many opportunities from catching the WOOFS in action step by step to hologram Interactive like pictures. I have even had some of my cameras custom modified to be able to photograph in the darkness of night for our Midnight Mushing flights! From specific video cameras including GoPro and a myriad of other helmet style cams and yes even mounting them on the WOOFS (I've developed my own system to keep the camera steady on the dog) to DSLR and pocket style point and shoots!! I have experienced so many cameras!! I am not a professional photographer but have worked with many on my WooFDriver Project and have learned a great deal. Additionally I have learned so much hands on from using such a wide spectrum of cameras in so many different situations including summer rain & winter snow with temperatures way below freezing, extremely bright to midnight dark situations with reflective and absorbing subjects. I have even done some filming underwater. We are out year round in all the elements and have been able to measure the cameras performance in a myriad of these circumstances. In this section I will discuss many of my experiences and share my findings to hopefully help others achieve the results they are looking for in a camera and a way to better document a particular situation!

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