Event Tech

Event Tech

Event techThis site tals about all kinds of gear and technology.  But the true magic of the WooFDriver is how it all comes togther.  The WooFDriver and his pit crew have such a variety of skills and that with the gear are all pieces of a puzzle that come to gether to make the productions viewers enjoy.  There is a lot of behind the scenes work to get the WooFDriver on the trail with everything he needs to make his runs, and put the gear in the support crews hands to document it all.  Then, it all needs to make it back home when the adventure is over, and that is a feat in itself. Trails are ruff, just like the WooFPak, so equipment needs to be protected.  Transporting the gear is ruff too, you can't just throw a video camera in with the dogs.  We have designed a step by step system to take gear from the charging systems to the trail and back again safe and sound.  Plus, we have a lot of non electronic gear, like the dog carts.  And they need to be stored, maintained, improved, transported, and returned. All of this makes each WooFDriver outings an event!  Many of the pit crew have worked on Special Event Productions, like concerts, and those procedures have been implemented into the WooFDriver Project.



The trail is ruff!  And we bring a lot to it.  Bouncing around in the back of a truck down a mountain road does...