Czar On Computer 3
How far do we go back? Czar is in front of a Cube that is not the oldest computer we’ve had!

A driving tech behind the WooFDriver is the computer technology that allows him to capture, edit and share his adventures with you.  In this section we’ll be touching on some of the major things that allow this to happen.  In order to capture the best moments and recreate the essence of my experiences, many cameras capture everything I do, from many angles.  This creates a lot of data.  Large storage systems have been implemented to file away this data for immediate and future use.  It also requires a lot of processing power to edit the raw footage into a final video, and it is a lot of data!  So my workstation rivals the best of the “Pros”.  And, to bring the live experience to viewers as fast as possible, I stay on the leading edge of mobile technology.  Sometime inventions are my own.  How many recumbent bike based mobile webcasting rigs have you seen?

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