adobeFor over 15 years I have done graphic design for my business  I am not formally educated. I am all self-taught.  For the WooFdriver Project I do much of the graphics design, video and photo editing myself.

For graphics design in post production, I use Abode Illustrator and Photoshop.  These have been my tools of choice since the 90s.  I  contract-out a lot of my initial detailed vector graphics like the original WooFDriver logo.  But all the rest of the logos I have designed from editing that original.  I also make the vast majority of the website banners, SoundCloud album covers, etc.

I do most of the video editing, especially the videos for the first few years, and just about all of the day-to-day ones.  The two pit crew member, Burningman and Baby Castro, are professional video editors and have done most of the larger projects like the WooFHouse series, and the more complex WooFDriver on Tour series.

IMovieI primarily use iMovie for video editing because I find it fast, easy to use, and feature rich enough for my purposes.  My Workstation also has Adobe Premier, The Burningman’s editor of choice, and FinalCut, an editor that I wish to one day switch to….

I am also a large supporter of small application developers.  I often need an app to get a special task down.  I look around on or the like, find the app, try it out, and pay the fee if I like it.  I have found several utilities I use on a regular basis this way.  Audio and video converters, bulk photograph resizers, things of that nature.

AndroAppleIn the past year or so, as mobile technology as improved and improved, I have enjoyed the ability to run powerful apps out in the field and post to social media as my adventures unfold.  I can edit movies and post from the back of an Android Camera.  I can make cool effects to photographs on my iPhone and post those to Instagram.  I can even make blog entries to WordPress, complete with pictures, from all my devices.  I use Dropbox while out in the field to tie all my devices together.  So it doesn’t matter where the media originated, I can edit and post it from anywhere.  All but the most remote areas we travel have mobile data.  Rarely can we not find a signal at some point of the run.  This new freedom has been so cool, letting my followers follow in real-time!.

Another remote app I use is WordPress for both my iPhone and Android devices.  I have been able to link my phone directly up to WooFsWoofs, my daily blog site that is updated live from the field.  I post to just about all social media daily, but one can easily get lost in their followers feeds.  I created this blog specificly so I have a uncluddered feed of my daily activeites.  The ability to update my blog with just a couple clicks on my smart phones is so convienent and fast!

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