Water Reservoir (red cooler) and pump case (silver)

Northern Breed dogs have thick fur for cold northern weather.  In Maryland where I live, that limits the amount of exercise the dogs can tolerate before overheating.  To help their comfort level and extend their play time, I developed a misting system to cool them off on the trail.  Very few dogs sweat, they are inefficient in getting rid of heat.

The system is composed of three basic parts.  A water reservoir,  pumping system, and a nozzle system.  The reservoir is basically a large cooler that also helps maintain the water temperature at a cooler level on warm days.

Inside the pump case

The pumping system is installed in a briefcase style road case.  It contains a RV/marine 12v water pump, an accumulator tank to help maintain pressure and an AGM battery to power the pump.  The piping of the case accommodates up to two water feeds.  A simple switch operated the pump and starts the water flowing.

I have two different nozzle systems.  One is a wand to spray the dogs down by hand.  The other is a ADV mounted system that can mist the dogs through a series of nozzles while the dogs are attached and mushing.

Overhead nozzles attached to ADV

The idea for my system came from a misting system I purchased.  That system was intended for sports teams to spray down players during games.  As with most things WooFDriver, I could not leave well enough alone and wanted to build a system that better fit my needs.  Always on the search for a better mouse trap!

Everything about our system is just a little better.  That system was not made to be trail worthy.  We had numerous issues with leaks, which caused the pump to continuously run wasting battery power and water.  I used a better built case, mounted all the components with heavy duty hardware and upgraded to stronger hoses and fitting.  I continued to use the same nozzles, battery, pump and accumulator tank.

Misting System
Princess enjoying a hand wand spray down

The hand held wand is used just like the original system intended.  For sports teams, a series of tubes feeds misting sprays under which the players could cool down.  I used this system mounted to a frame work I built over the dogs on some of my ADVs.  In this way I could continue down the trail while misting the dogs.

The downside of this system currently is that the nozzles eventually clog.  We have an in-line filter to minimize the clogging.  When the nozzles do clog, it interrupts the misting pattern and causes the water to just drip.  The current plastic nozzles can not be cleaned.  One upgrade we have planned for next season is to switch out to stainless steel nozzles, which are cleanable.
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