Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of gear.  Almost two dozen bikes, carts, and ADVs.  Camera and video gear.  Support gear and supplies.  Plus everyday things like dog food. The WooFHQ was filling up quick.   Creative and logical storage have been created to keep it all organized so that it is out of the way yet accessible.

One big problem was the large items.  Many of the ADVs and EVs are kept at the various farms I run.  This is convenient because it’s there and does not need to be transported each day I go.  Crispy stores some of the ADVs at his place, because he has room and is often maintaining them anyhow.  I also keep some of the older ADVs I rarely use in another warehouse.  But much I keep at WooFHQ.

StorageBikesI needed to make WooFHQ as efficient as possible in storage.  I looked up and saw room in a ceiling that could be used, but not enough to make a platform and stairs.  With Chrispy’s help, a winch and pulley system was designed to suspend many of the bikes and carts overhead.  The equipment is wrapped in straps, balanced and winched on up pretty easily.  It’s all right there, allowing for easily inventory of what’s on-hand when deciding an outing.  I surrounded the space in cabinets and a workbench with drawers to store a lot of the smaller gear.  The workbench is also a very convenient spot to prep gear before the trail and maintain it after.

StorageCabinetsYou can also see in the pictures freezers and refrigerators.  I feed my dogs a very healthy raw food diet that comes frozen in patties, the freezers store this food.  The pit crew also need to stay hydrated while our on all day outings, so the refrigerators are full of teas and juices.

All of the more expensive gear like cameras and video gear are stored in another secure location.  Pardon me if I don’t publicly show where that it is!  But it is safe, secure and clean.  The key is to have everything well labeled and ideally color coded.  You will notice that my cases are a variety of colors.  This makes it easier to find when preparing or at a trailhead.

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