Making SPEED Visible can also include creatures that move slow such as this beautiful starfish… I've actually created a time-lapse to show his slow speed quickly!
Today was a SPA Day (grooming day) and here's JAG shaking off some water to help the blow's so COOL how using my Making Speed Visible equipment you can see the effortless rotation and zero tension he exhibits doing ...
Here's Princess racing me on the ATV as Zarro is prancing along!! Through my Speed Made Visible filming techniques, you can really see her speed and body movements detailed, as well as the expressions on her face as they show ...
Here's one for all the football fans out there....this Bird is looking like he's on the offensive line protecting the quarterback (bird feeder) as the other Bird (look at that Bird almost like he or she is levitating) trying to ...
Absolutely Beautiful & Artistic Actually!! Nature in all its Beauty and Dazzling pictures
A SledDog Tribal March.... Notice the synchronicity and rhythm they exhibit!!
Here's a little meditative video to close the day out...I slowed it down at certain parts to catch a view of the birds in flight to and from the feeder!
Here's a Caterpillar I saw and have adjusted the speed of the film to try and bring to light the motion of movement how the Caterpillar waves it's body to stuff!!
Here's the Princess's INTENSITY in slow motion so you can catch all the detail of her "roaring" at the flag on our last Mazing Chase (Lure Coursing) outing!!
So cool as I mounted a high speed camera (slow-motion) on the side of these cool-down tubs at the Mazing Chase Course!! Through this camera you can get a more clear view of how the Dogs have a dip & ...
Dancing at the Bird feeder!! Filming this video in slow motion gives you the opportunity to see how birds can almost levitate in the air by flapping their wings at a high rate of speed!
Chase & Jag tearing it up the way Dogs do it!! I love this slow-motion style view as you can really appreciate the expressions on their faces and even see & hear JAG roar as he is in pursuit of ...
Here's a flock of Birds I was able to film in my high frame rate (slow motion) to capture their quick speed and beautiful gliding almost floating movement!!
Here's GiGi waiting for the command (notice how she moves her head following my hand) so she can do her high jump in SLOW Motion...In the beginning she stands on her back 2 paws to acknowledge all the viewers almost ...
When you slow the film down you can see how the Dogs Drink & Cool in a Meditative like way....#WooFDriver
The Bumble Bee BUZZ!! Checkout how fast the wings move as we could never catch this detail with the naked eye! Their speed is hidden but we are making it visible through very HIGH frame rate video capture!!
Speed of the DragonFly taking flight!!
Feeding Frenzy
Making SPEED Visible was live.
Climbing an embankment and hurdling a downed tree effortlessly!
Speed & Excitement slowed down for us to enjoy!
I saw these Beautiful Butterflies as the Dogs & I were Free-Ranging!! I filmed as usual at a high rate of speed (super slow motion) to show the detail and beauty of how they so gracefully move & fly!!
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