WereWOOFS - Silver Run Haunted Train Tunnel - 5.11.2018 Here’s A quick video of some of last weeks Dog-Powered Ghost Hunting Adventure!!! EPIC!!
This is another aspect of the WooFDriver’s WooFDriving!! Ghost Hunting with the WooFPAK! You’ve never seen anything like this...going out in the middle of th...
Well it's @$$ backwards, but here is Part 1 of the Baker House
5th & Final Part of Our C&O Baker House Investigation. Thanks Billy, Curtis & Danny, this was one of my favorite investigations. I can't wait to get back out there !!
Part 4 of the Baker House
Here Is Part 3 of the C&O Baker House
What's going on WereWoofs faithful !! Here is the Baker House Part 2 from the C&O on a very cold spooky night in December. On this hunt the crew consisted of the Woofdriver, Curtis, Me & Danny on his first ...
I can hear you - Baker House Cool response we captured!
WereWoofs is with William Helman and 3 others.
Unusual activity at Harpers Ferry
Lock 25 Investigation Part 2 Edwards Ferry - Road to Antietam pt2
WereWoofs is looking for ghost at Lockhouse 25 - C&O Canal Trust.
Lockhouse 25 Investigation Part 1 Edwards Ferry - Road to Antietam pt1
WereWoofs is looking for ghost at Lockhouse 25 - C&O Canal Trust.
The Mystery Gang Hi lovlies! While The Mystery Gang takes our winter time off from investigating, please enjoy our mini documentary 'The Ghosts of Bodie, Ca.' It is well known that Bodie is California's most famous ghost town. But is it haunted? Watch ...
Burned Out House - Harper's Ferry, WV Burned out house we found exploring Harper's Ferry. Kinda quiet but we had a few little things!
WereWoofs is with William Helman and 3 others at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.
Harpers Ferry Church Ruins Harpers Ferry Church Ruin
WereWoofs is at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.
WereWOOFS New River Gorge - Talking with ghosts using the spirit box Really good responses from our visit to the New River Gorge!
--*Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/3yIOui *-- (WereWOOFS New River Gorge 5.02.2017 Part 3 - Talking with ghosts using the spirit box) ---*Social Media Lin...
Real Ghostly White Mist Comes At Me At Extremely Haunted Location Hi Guys more evidence to bring to the table I entered a dark room as I did I felt something in the room so I asked too appear in front as had camera focussed...
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Merry Christmas from the WoofPack y'all 🎄✌️🐾❤️
WooFDriver Cool footage from Wednesday's Free-Ranging Run, using a special lens adapter for some fun amphibious views!!
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WooFDriver On a wild ride today deep in the wilderness...
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WooFDriver Chase as we are in the trail right now!! #FunkyHusky
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True Florida Terror: The Wiccademous Grave Witch Discover the terrifying truth about this local legend in Florida.
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Weird History In Central European Christmas, Santa Had A Partner In Crime So Evil The Catholic Church Had To Ban Its Existence - http://bit.ly/KrampusEvil
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House Ruin Sharpsburg, MD. From this past weeks investigation, really cool response we captured!
WereWoofs is with Chris Wehner and 3 others.
Haunted Tours Ghostbusters and mystery machine...

Things are getting BAD!!

Tampa film crew finds it.
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