WooFDriver Chasing the flag part two
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WooFDriver Sunset
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WooFDriver Delaware canal state park
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Here's yesterdays adventure.....in this view you are literally riding on Chase's Collar!! Again this is part of my WooFPAK Heroes Series as the WOOFS film these adventures themselves...Chase's WooFPAK SuperHero name is Racey Chasey (his screen icon is on the ...
Zarro Wears the Camera on our Free-Ranging Run!! Here's a REALLY COOL VIEW from Zarro as he was the camera-man on our Free-Ranging Adventure Friday!! YES he is actually wearing the camera....you probably won't see this anywhere else with a Dog wearing a camera in rigorous/adventurous conditions because ...
Star Spangled Banner for the Presidential Pet Museum Happy 4th of July to all! Recently I've become the curator for the Presidential Pet Museum....for my LOVE of Animals and History this is a natural fit.....it's very interesting to learn all about how Dogs and other Animals have been ...
WooFDriver Zarro was wearing the camera on this live WOOFS View!!
Zarro wears camera part 2
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We connect to our Dog on many levels; but remember they should look to us for authority, affection, and comfort. #PackLeader #WoofDriver
Timeline Photos Energy is wound up inside of every dog, big or small. The key to unwinding it lies with you. Employ the right practices and see results.
True instincts are not emotionally driven, because they require no thought; just a trained or natural response. #doginstinct #themindsofdogs
WereWOOFS Fun Movie Trailer https://rumble.com/v342vy-werewoofs-fun-movie-trailer.html you gotta see this one all about the FUN the Dogs and I share on our summer Ghost Runs!!
Hope you enjoy this 'just for fun' movie trailer made with footage of a couple of the WooFDriver's ghost hunting ...
Owings Mills Man to Curate Presidential Pet Museum http://ow.ly/A7Zg3094KJq WooFDriver on the News!!
Bill "WooFDriver" Helman is the new curator of the Presidential Pet Museum, a unique look at American history and the First Pets.
Timeline Photos Never underestimate the power of determination and the thrill of the ride! #WooFDriver #FurWheeling
Urban Musher Becomes Curator of Presidential Pet Museum, Part I http://huff.to/2kIqOEF Here’s what the host of this page - The “WooFDriver” has been up to..
On the morning of January 26, 2017, in Washington, DC, Bill “WooFDriver” Helman stood by the door of his Jumbo Jet. The Jumbo Jet is ...
Timeline Photos A tired Princess after yesterday's EPIC 13 mile adventure! We did a quick live broadcast on WooFDriver Facebook, I hope you caught it!
Timeline Photos Good morning from JAG ~ notice how he is sticking his tongue out at me:) what's up with that Jag ~ We are all loaded up and headed out on a WooFDiver on Tour MUSHing Adventure...be sure to stay tuned ...
Fun Husky Movie Trailer - WooFPAK Holiday - 32wq2 Here's a view of the WOOFS loving the Snow!!
From the WooFDriver and his WooFPAK, Huskies 🙂 we wish everyone a wonderful holiday season! For more adventures www.woofdriver.com
Timeline Photos Here's GiGis view as she's watching me put Zarro's goggles on as we get ready to all go on an Adventure!!
Hey guys! I am in the beginning phases of starting my own cat/dog rescue. I have set up a page and started a fundraiser to get my foot in the door with licenses and certifications. And who better to share ...
Have you ever wondered what a Dog is looking at or acting like from his perspective....well here's your chance to experience what my Dog Zarro is experiencing (without getting dirty, lol)!! You truly won't see anything like this anywhere else ...
Here's a little relaxation to start your week off with!! This is Zarro in a meditative pose filmed from one of my hidden cams. These cams provide a glimpse into the WOOFS uninhibited instincts and natural movements!!
Here's my (WooFDriver) WOOFS View of our Free-ranging adventure Tuesday!!
For the whole video from yesterday's FUN at Zarro's perspective go here: https://rumble.com/v31t82-woofpov.html
Here's Zarro checking out the camera!! Notice as he leaves his hair on the lens he realizes it, so he than goes back to clean it off😜 DO IT DOG!!
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