Husky's Eye View: From Their Perspective! Watch the world fly by from a dog's view! You're going to LOVE this! They couldn't be happier! #WoofDriverUrbanMushing
🐶Whether it be the hard tile floor or carpeting, we often see our dogs lie at our feet. If at the veterinarian’s office, or maybe after some sort of injury, our dogs might want to be close to us.

In ...
WoofDriver Movies Come with us and get a First Hand view! You absolutely CAN'T miss this!
Come with us and get a First Hand view! You absolutely CAN'T miss this! #WoofDriverMovies
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INSANE 1st person view from Zarro! Don't get Dizzy! You've Never Seen anything like This! #DogsWearingCameras
🐶Have you ever met a litter of young puppies who all looked so different it was hard to believe they were even related? Maybe a few of the puppies looked like Rottweilers and the others looked like Golden Retrievers.

😱As ...
WoofDriver Movies Join us on another FurWheeling Adventure! You won't want to miss the WoofPack in this one! #WoofDriverMovies
Join us on another FurWheeling Adventure! You won't want to miss the WoofPack in this one! #WoofDriverMovies
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FreeRanging: Heading to the Pond! Join us for another FreeRanging adventure! Dogs investigate the pond!
🐶If you look closely at a dog’s nose, you will see lines forming patterns, just like fingerprints. This raises the question: Can nose prints be used to accurately identify a dog if found without a collar or tags?

What if ...
WoofDriver Hidden Cam: Unknown Animals! Where did they come from? Even other pets seem to love our home enviornment! #WoofDriverHiddenCam
Many experts say dogs lick their lips to appease (soothe) a person or animal they perceive as a threat in order to ward off aggression.

This guy might just be exited!
Union Transportation Trail, NJ Watch as the dogs gently stroll alongside this beautiful countryside! What do you think the drivers on the road to the left must think? #WoofDriverMushing
WooFDriving The Henson creek trail in Maryland
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Loading the Huskies up for another WooFDriver Adventure
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🐶Though they have poor visual acuity (things are more blurry to them), dogs are fantastic at spotting movement. Dogs can spot even very slight motion, like the wave of a hand up to half a mile away!

I wonder if ...
WoofDriver Films: Story of a Remarkable WooFPak! We are an active family, always ready and willing to face the adversities nature has to offer! #WoofDriverMovies
FreeRanging on the Farm! Watch as the WoofPack explores the wide, open plains!
😱Here's the WooFPAK in a WOOFGlo enjoying sometime along with the Cows! I used an IR (Infra-Red) camera to take this picture, giving it some really attractive warm hues!

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Hidden Camera: I Think I'll Investigate! What is going on? Eventually Zarro gives in! #WoofDriverHiddenCam
🐶Vocalizations, such as growls, barks, whines, yips and whimpers, are equally as important as the non-vocal language of wolves (and dogs).

🗣When people think of wolves communicating, they most likely think of howling. But wolves have an extensive repertoire of ...
Hidden Camera: What the Dogs Don't Know Via several hidden cameras throughout the property, I am able to see how the WoofPack acts when I am not around! #WooFDriverHomeCAM
🐶That little one you see there is Gigi, our Chinese Crested!

🎈Despite the name, Chinese Cresteds probably descended from an African breed, and are perfectly suited to handle warmer climates. Many years ago, travelers would take them on ships, helping ...
🐶Whether or not you crate your dog, this is an important tool to use when he (or she) is recovering from surgery! If you neutered/spayed your husky, you'll want to prevent the wee fellow from running around, jumping or anything ...
Cooling Down the Pack! Watch as we load the WoofPack into the dog bus after another adventure!
Mushing the Route 9 West Virginia Trail
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Harnessing up the Huskies for the adventure
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Giving princess medications
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🐶Just another day FreeRanging! The dogs are loving their freedom; can you see them?

👉Since these dogs are often given so much freedom, they have little desire to run off!
Gettimg Ready for another WooFDriver Adventure
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FreeRanging: Chase Gets Audio Paged! Chase is distracted, and how we deal with it.

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