Many movies have come out over the past few years with cool camera effects.  One I like a lot is in action movies, like the Matrix, where the camera moves around the actor 360 degrees and shows an action sequence in slow motion.  Many of my cameras, including the GoPro Hero3 Black, have modes that allow for high quality footage at high fps.  It will do 240fps at SD and 120fps at 720p.

This allows for 1/8 speed of real time, at 30fps giving a nice SloMo without any blur.  All I needed was a way to move the camera around me in a circle.  In researching methods I found this very simple how to video:

I mounted a ceiling fan in my personal Taekwondo Dojang (gym).  After that It was just a simple matter of attaching a couple GoPros.  Using two gives two views and maintains better balance than just one.  I improved on the above design by not using the blades and attached a length of EMT.  This gave a more rigid frame and allowed flexible attachment points compatible with my GoPro mounts.  I played with the fan speed until I found the one that gave the best results.  Here is my first go at it:

I plan to play around with this more in the future.  I want to attach an extension to the GoPro mount to lower the camera position.  The SmaTree mounts I review here should work great.   We are currently trying to push the envelope further and come up with a field application to use with the dogs and our various ADVs and EV vehicles.

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