When low profile is not needed, we generally adapt our GoPros to standard tripod mount.

This has many advantages.  First, many other camera systems use tripod screw mounts.  So we can have one set of universal mounts for all.  Secondly, the GoPro system is time consuming with all of the small screws to be tightened at every junction.

Extended Mounts ArmWe use a variety of systems, but one of the ones we use the most is standard professional lighting rigs made by Manfrotto.  It is based on super clamps and lighting studs which are an industry standard.  Adapters can be purchased to adapt the stud to a camera tripod mount.  Various arms and extensions can be used to connect these end points– the clamps and the camera mount– in any configuration you need.   The most versatile adapter is a 360 degree ball and stud (Dado) system that allows an extension to go out in multiple angles. Manfrotto lighting is like a big lego set made to mount cameras and lighting.  There are a multitude of camera mounts from small ball mounts to a pistol grip quick adjust mount.  There are articulating arms and gooseneck arms for extensions to where you want to go.  Other companies make compatible products to this system, and they are often more affordable and worth a look at.  Sunpak makes a nice pistol grip for instance that I use often and has stood the test of the trail.

Manfrotto has released my creativity with their flexibility.  This is truly pro stuff.  They don’t advertise to the general public.  Again, an introduction to this product was from my professional photography experienced pit crew.  They saw how this system could help solve some of my needs. Once I was introduced to it, I have experimented and come up with even more creative ways to use it.





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