Pole Mounts


PoleDaveEarly on, I saw a need for options to get more flexible camera angles than the standard simple mounts allowed.  One of the first pit crew, Dave Formula One, pioneered simple a way to get wide-side and aerial type shots.  We nick named it the WooFCam.  It was a simple telescoping (10ft max) aluminum pole with a GoPro mount attached on the end.  This allowed a back seat rider to hold the pole up or out and take video of the trail from high above or angle it gown and get a birds-eye view of the ADV, dogs, and riders.  This made for some really cool pictures and videos!

PoleWebWhen we started webcasting we realized we need a way to mount a camera, as well as the computer, to the cart because the rider would not be able to hold the full-sized camcorder continuous as needed for the webcast.  The camcorder was much larger than a GoPro, we needed a strong mount.  So, once again to Manfrotto we went.  I purchased a monopod and adapted a frame mount on the SuperQuad to hold it in place on the ADV.  On top of this we placed a fluid head camera mount.  And we used an additional telescoping brace to reinforce the mount to help keep sway down.  This pole has been used for other purposes after the webcasts, including to mount other cameras like GoPros and to mount the IR flood light for the Midnight Musher series.  The strength of the Manfrotto Monopod surpassed the thin aluminum poles we used in the past, and allowed the safe attachment of these heavier items.

Pole MountsThe rigidness of the Manfrotto inspired us to find a solution to mounting heavier items up high.  We used a 12ft black pipe for its strength and rigidity.  We used the same frame mount from the monopod, and purchased pipe of the same diameter.  This was the best of both worlds.  A strong, rigid pipe attached securely to the ADV.  The height of the WooFCam.  This black pipe was also strong enough to not crush under clamps.  So multiple cameras can be mounted all along the pipe using super clamps.  One run we placed a fixed camera on top, a rotating spinner with a camera a little further down, and a couple more cameras a head level.  This allowed for a high-mounted, 270 degree auto rotating shot all around us, a continuous shot of just the trail and close up shots.

PoleWonderOur latest pole mount is a commercial product called the Wonder pole.  It is a 5-21′ fiberglass based telescoping pole.  It is strong and light.  It can be used for aerial shots or mounted in creative ways with multiple cameras.  It is not as strong as the black pipe, much much easier to transport and setup.


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