RCTruck1The RC car mounted camera was, yet again, the result of my never-ending quest to get a different shot and trying new things.  I went out and found a good low to the ground, wide and stable 4×4 remote-controlled truck. The wide tires and low center of gravity helped it to navigate the rough terrain we often cover.  It was then a simple thing to mount a GoPro on top, hit the trails, and free range with the dogs.  It worked surprisingly well!  The car became top-heavy and didn’t take to sideways tilts quite as well as on its own.  And it was often hard to drive through the trails at the same pace as the dogs.  But ChrisP mastered its operation really quickly and learned it’s limitations.

The car mounted cameras really give a unique perspective to free ranging.  A dog’s eye view, or more like a puppy eye view sinces it’s lower…  But not only was it effective as a camera platform, it also made a dog dog toy.  The WooFPak ran after it just like the flag at Mazing Chase.  In fact we’ve also used the car at Mazing Chase to give them multiple options of things to go after.  They are really good, just chasing and running with the car, not attaching it or biting it.  Forever puppies, the WooFPak is, always having fun!

RCTruck2As with most WooFDriver projects, we couldn’t leave the car as it was.  ChrisP doubled the battery system, increasing its top speed to over 50MPH.  This is more than fast enough to keep up with the fastest dog’s top speeds of about 35MPH.  this change was with-in the specifications of the car’s motors

Unfortunately the battery charger failed during charging, didn’t stop and over charged the batteries.  Like “batteries catch on fire” fail!  The fire caused no injuries and only minor damage was done.  The fire hazard for LiPo batteries are during charging or short outs.  Normal operation, they are relatively safe.  So while out on the trail, dogs people and the environment are safe.  We have since designed a metal box system to charge the batteries in case there are problems in the future.  If Boeing and Apple can have problems with these types of batteries, then so can the WooFDriver!

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