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WooFDriver on a WooFHouse Tour with two GoPros mounted on bike.

When I first started mounting cameras, it was with the GoPro series.  They have a variety of mounts for both bikes and other applications.  In the intense activities that I engage, I quickly gave up on any of their stick-on mounts.  They are not transferable.  They stay on the bike even when not in use.  And I feared the glue would give way and I’d lose a camera without knowing.

But, to this day, I still use their bike clamp mounts.  They are very secure and can be attached to my ADVs in a variety of ways.  There are also third-party tripod mount adapters that allow me to use their clamps for other cams.  And vice versa– Third party vendors have come up with mounts that work with GoPro camera.  These mounts allow for more creative placement of the cams, through more adjustments.

GoPro brand mounts are single axis that you combine with extensions to make two axis, but there is no swivel.  Third party mounts are available that are ball based, allowing for full 360 degree adjustment, like the RAM Mount product line.  The RAM is very strong.  We have mounted it UNDER the ATV before and run with it.

Simple Mounts GProExt
SmaTree GoPro mount extension

Other Mounts are designed to interface directly with the GoPro mounts making them more flexible.  One product line I like is SmaTree. They are shipped as single bars that you use 2-3 to extended the GoPro’s couple inches to up to a foot.  The multiple screw points along the bar allow for varied over-lap and hence adjustment of it’s length.

These are available on Amazon here:

Amazon Smatree Mount

All of these options allow for close mounting of cameras to the bike frame, and have a low profile.  But the downside to GoPro mounts is that they are hard to work with.  Tightening all the little screws, holding the junction in its exact place can be difficult.  In the cold environments we run in, it is especially hard because you must take off your gloves.  It is also more time-consuming than other options.  Having a stubby Philips screwdriver helps a lot, in the center of the thumb knob is a screw.  The screwdriver allows you to reach in from away from the camera and gives you more leverage.

Simple Mount Magnet
Magnetic Base tripod mount

When low profile, or tight mounting locations are not an issue, we have switched to tripod based mounting.  Adapters are available that allow GoPros to mount to any standard tripod mount.  See our favorite tripod mounts under Extended Mounts of this website.  These same adapters can be used for other low profile simple mounts.  Panavice makes a Magnetic Base mount that has a really strong magnet that holds surprising well.  Care must be taken to keep these away from media as it the magnet could corrupt the data.

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