SpinnersUp until this device, camera shots were always from cameras fixed at a static location, on or off an ADV, or from a camera in a pit crew’s hand.  For runs where few on-trail crew are on hand, I wanted to add a new dynamic.  Most often, these type of systems are used for security cameras.  I wanted one that I could use in the field, without need for A/C power and preferably without external power.  That is when I found this device.

It is tripod mountable, unlike security panners that are typically bolted to a wall.  It also has a standard tripod mount for the camera.  Once more, it is powered by 4x AA batteries.  Perfect!  It has multiple panning modes.  A wired remote allows for manual control which I rarely use.  It also has an automatic sweeping mode, with switch settable settings of 45, 90 and 340 degrees.

Spinners 2I have placed it in the middle of a field when the dogs are running around and get almost full circle coverage.  I also use 340 degree on top of pole mounts on carts to get sweeping coverage as I go down the trail.  This gives a new perspective to my trail runs by providing aerial views that are not static and do not require a cameraman to manipulate a pole the entire time.

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