Getting on the internet and searching for any camera or video recorder you’ll find dozens of articles. Articles that contain so much “geek tech” that it’s almost pointless doing any type of research. Mumbo jumbo is what it comes down to. If that isn’t enough the next set back is the battle of the brands. Nikon vs Canon. I don’t think there is a bigger competition in the industry. Regardless which side you choose I think supporters of both sides can safely say the Canon XA10 is one hell of a machine.

This camera is small and compact. Shoot from the hip and light to carry around. It’s almost the exact same as it’s big brother the XF100, but smaller. It has a 64GB internal flash memory. What does that mean though? The easiest way to sum it up would be think of the information that small post office holds, not that much. Now compare that to the information that the Pentagon holds. This camera is the Pentagon.

The XA10 has full image customization, professional looks, and infrared recording (big plus for night recordings or ghost hunting). It comes with a detachable handle, a 3.5-inch touch panel screen and a zoom range from 30.4mm to 304mm. Recording in full HD 1080p it’s basically looking at the best quality TV screen that money can buy. Crisp, clean and clear. You can use different frame modes, cinema-looking filters or go straight to manual control and really unleash all the features the Canon has to offer.

This article could continue on with other countless features the Canon XA10 offers, but then this would turn into a flood of overloaded information, defeating the purpose of all the best highlights. If you’re looking for the best of the best Canon is first choice. Always ahead of the game in technology and coming up with new ways to get the best results out of their products. Whether you’re ghost hunting, searching for the paranormal, out in the wild recording nature or the simple child’s birthday party. The Canon XA10 won’t steer you wrong.