The Mel Meter 8704R measures EMFs and Ambient Temperatures. EMF stands for Electromagnetic fields. The field is made of an electric field, a charged object and the field created when that object moves. Basically any spike in an EMF signal, suggests a change in electrical current; therefore, being a possible spirit present. The Mel Meter has the ability to record both high and low EMFs and Temps. This is extremely convenient so you can leave the meter and come back to see what the high and low temps and emfs read at without having to stand in the same spot and wait.

spirit-box-rt-evp-2Spirit Box RT-EVP 2 is the best top notch, hands down, why buy anything else ghost box out there to date. Wait…a ghost box? Like to capture ghosts on Ghostbusters? No, not quite like that. It is however the first interactive EVP instrument and spirit box combined. The device scans through FM frequencies while recording at the same time. This spirit box is able to record and give live playback at the same time. If you think you hear Jack the Ripper talking to you, then by god, you can keep recording and also go back to replay what you just heard. It really is a notch up in the paranormal research world. Often times you’ll record hours on hours of audio. Asking series of questions and hoping there was some sort of response when reviewing your session hours or even days later. With this new device all of that is eliminated and can be done in live time will asking questions and recording.

Some basic and most prominent features of the RT-EVP2 is the device allows you to adjust the sensitivity of what you hear from subtle whispers to extremely loud screams. You can set the device to turn on and off at certain times. Possibly the top two best features besides all the ones I just listed are the EVP captures and separations. When you set the device to record during certain times it will tell you if any EVPs were captured during that time. Also, there is a mic built in that determines left and right channel separation. This easily helps you pin point where the EVP came from.

These two ghost hunting devices will aid in any adventure you go on. From the simple who’s in this graveyard to the more complex story telling from the afterlife.