Getting the most out of your paranormal equipment? How in the world can you choose the right ones? How can you choose the best ones? This article will cover two that are far above average. It’s sometimes hard to get lost in the onslaught of equipment that can be shoved down your throats. Everyone wants you to buy their equipment. Not because it works or will give you accurate results, but they’re concerned about capitalizing and making a buck.

The first overview is on the Paranormal Puck 2. The first puck came out over 10 years ago and was a game changer in the industry. This new one revolutionizes the game! It is the gold standard for EMF, temperature, humidity, light levels, barometric pressure, movement and ionization. Possibly the best feature of the PP2 is that it is wireless and can be used with your smartphone or tablet.

Some interesting features that come with the puck is temperature/humidity mode. It plays a rising or descending tone in accordance to temperature or humidity change. Ion mode goes of the base lights of the puck. They get brighter as stronger levels of static electricity or ionization come around. The light mode will play an alarm when it senses a change in light level. PSI mode will sound an alarm if the barometric pressure varies. Motion mode will set off alarms if the puck senses vibration or variations in magnetic fields. All of these features should be reason enough to purchase this above any others.

sb11-spirit-boxThe Spirit Box SB11 is the most advanced spirit box on the market. It really shouldn’t have to be said; yet here we are for the non-believers. For those who don’t know and are asking, what is a spirit box? These devices can pick up voices from spirits that exist in the form of radio waves. The SB11 captures radio frequencies faster than any other model out there. It also has dual sweep, being able to go with a forward and reverse sweep. This device contains a temperature meter and LED flashlight to improve visibility at night.

In conclusion, if you’re even relatively serious about paranormal investigations or even mildly curious, these two devices are more than superior for what you need. You’ll be a step above the competition and two steps closer to getting¬†to the afterlife or those trapped between this life and the next.