If you plan on chasing after any sort of paranormal activity, this camera is arguably, the best on the market. To put it in perspective a lot of the equipment out there is comparable to a 1990 Geo Metro. They work and can probably get the job done, but they will have their faults. This camera would be the Rolls Royce of the industry. Superior would be an understatement.

The Xcam SLS has ultrasonic detection, thermal temperature sensing and light frequency sensing. Ultrasonic detection creates sound waves and look at the echo that is fed back. It measures the time between the signal going out and receiving it back to learn the distance of the object. Basically, it’s more or less like sonar. Beep, bong, beep, oh yup there’s something out there. Thermal temp sensors show a rise or drop in temperature. It works like a thermometer, when it gets hot the screen lights up red, yellow or orange and when it gets cold it goes more light or darker blue. Light frequency sensing measures the amount of light being generated and sends information accordingly.

The Xcam can be handheld or stationary on a tripod. Hand help is probably the most used. Mainly because if you’re using it for ghost hunting there is going to be a lot of walking. An amazing feature is that with all the sensors working together on the camera it can interpret the environment, recognize figures that aren’t visually noticeable and turn them into stick figures that can be seen.

Looking for ghosts or anything paranormal takes a lot of patience and determination. It goes hand in hand with photography. Sometimes you go out there with the best intentions and hopes high, but you come back with garbage results and nothing to show. Going out with best equipment in photography and ghost hunting you know the results will speak for themselves. In the case of the Xcam, its undeniable, it will result in quality information and amazing final product. The time old saying still holds true, you get what you pay for. If you’re serious about the paranormal the Xcam SLS is what you need in your bag.