HotRod1The fifth custom build of our WooFDriver ADVs (all-dog-vehicles)! We converted an aluminum Catrike frame into a quad bike. Changing directions slightly from previous designs, I decided to build this vehicle to run on a horse track, which I could use to mush the dogs or for training and conditioning purposes. The challenge here is the sand, which creates great resistance similar to snow, so reliable power and navigability would be difficult to achieve. I would be running this bike solo, so the single passenger design would help us build for power and traction without adding additional weight.

 Hot Rod Track QuadIn our first attempt to address the traction and maneuverability issues, we added huge twenty-six inch rear tires that can run on lower air pressure to provide better manageability in the sand. The challenge with larger tires is that they consume more power to rotate them, due to their greater circumference. Using the same echo speed motor and controller that we used in the two-passenger version would prove sufficient to tackle this engineering problem. We were able to equip the Hot Rod with large tires (and thus the ability to better cope with sand resistance) by offsetting with an appropriately lightweight build. It was a challenge to find these larger wheels and accompanying rims in a bicycle format, but we succeeded!

HotRod3Additional rails were fabricated again for dog versatility, adding the ability to attach the dogs at different points along the frame. To compensate for the higher speeds around the track, we designed the frame to surround the wheels. This prevents anyone in the WooFPAK from getting close to the moving parts. The Hot Rod frame also allows for camera mounting versatility. Because of its lightweight deign, it is easy to peddle, and light enough for the dogs to pull easily. They can mush to their hearts’ content!

 Hot Rod Track QuadThe biggest problem with this design is the toll it takes on the WooFDriver… my long hair sometimes gets caught up in the chain. I made a chain guard right behind my seat to protect my hair… no danger to the dogs at all, but something this rider needed to be aware of. Using the effective combination of BB7 breaks and the Patterson peddle gearing system… the Hot Rod’s sand-handling capabilities allow us to mush this vehicle on the beach!   There’s nothing more fun than allowing the dogs to take flight through the sand, enjoying the sun and wind as they should.

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