The ultimate in dog power sports – the WooFMobile!

Our sixth creation, the WooFMobile, was built out of the accumulated knowledge of all of our previous builds, as a compilation of all previous successes.   It is a marvel of technology which seeks to break the barrier between reality and fantasy.  The dream started with a need to have an ADV (all-dog-vehicle) that could handle even the most challenging terrains.  We wanted to be limitless in our option of where we could venture.  From sandy beaches, to the deep mud of rain-soaked trails, we really wanted to make an ADV capable of handling it all.

woofmobile motor
9000 watts of drive power!

Inspired by our success with the Hot Rod’s huge twenty-six inch rear wheels, we decided to try taking that a step further by investing in twenty-six inch wheels all around.  Nothing but the best for this baby; it needs four giant tires!  These brought with them their own challenges, as only a miracle motor could produce the power necessary to keep these monsters moving under the additional weight of not one but two passengers.  The motor we settled on to accomplish this feat is an RC airplane high-RPM 9000 watt motor geared down with an automatic clutch, using four 48-volt lithium batteries.  Our choice proved sufficient to power this WooFMobile in most regards… but we found that the WooFDriver has had issues with the motor in some capacities, so we are in the process of redesigning the power plans and trying to use a motor from another vehicle, a Zero X motorcycle.  This change will require a different battery system, and we are currently deliberating over alternative power options.  We’re still on the quest for motor perfection with this build.

woofmobile front drive
Front Rack and pinion and drive u-joint.

Steering was a concern, with wheels that large.  We wanted to build this project with four-wheel steering as well as four-wheel drive.  This technological feat has before never been done in bike form and hasn’t been done since… we are the only ones to attempt the implementation of this concept, as far as we know.  We decided to build this project in such a way that the four-wheel drive is always engaged, so it requires additional power from the motor. We found that four-wheel drive substantially helps with traction and lends added maneuverability to any situation the WooFDriver finds himself in.  This design choice was at once easy to justify and a miraculous feat to implement. We were happy to find success with that goal.

woofmobile rear stearing
Rear steering and differential.

The potential design flaws inherent with four-wheel steering are numerous and we came close to scrapping the idea.  We went through numerous iterations in the testing stages.  Our eventual solution to the problems with four-wheel steering was to make this function optional for the driver.   The bike normally steers with front two wheels, but with the addition of a joystick electronic controller, the back wheels can be engaged as well at the driver’s discretion. Because of this complicated steering configuration, we could not use a traditional steering design as we had on the other trikes and quads.  We ended up with a funkadelic steering wheel which is able to be turned almost a full 360 degrees around.  Some training and practice is needed to really master the steering of this extravagant piece of machinery.  Thanks to tireless engineering efforts, the WooFDriver has successfully used the WooFMobile to venture out in the snow.  While the snow definitely added another dimension of difficulty to the steering, we found that the four-wheel steering capabilities did enhance this vehicle’s mobility in deep snow conditions and thus was worth the extra effort to implement.

woofmobile shocks
Shock Absorbers

The WooFMobile, because of the larger wheels, sits higher than you’d normally expect of a bike but still maintains a width of thirty-six inches, making it a legitimate trail vehicle.  As with the other ADVs, this project was built with a full rail system to attach the WooFPAK in a multitude of configurations.   It has suspension built in for a smooth and comfortable ride, LED ground effect lights, and plenty of places to mount cameras and filming equipment.  It even comes with a complete canopy system for wet weather use.   We are using all bike-grade parts so as not to weigh down the vehicle.  It’s been built in aluminum and boasts independent pedaling for each passenger, using the Patterson pedaling system.    There are many other technological feats with this beautiful machine that I’d love to delve into if you are interested.   Please browse throughout the pictures for a complete look at the build, or email me for more information.

woofmobile rwb
Round one of Patriotic paint job!

This craft is the flagship of the WooFDriver’s fleet.  In a statement of utter pride and joy in the vehicle’s successful completion, we’ve decorated it in patriotic red, white and blue. A masterpiece of this level of craftsmanship deserves to wear our country’s colors proudly.  From the rims of the over-sized wheels to the structure of the vehicle itself, every available component has been painstakingly painted in our flag’s bold theme, a dance of swirling red, white and blue blended together harmoniously to symbolize the central themes of the WooFMobile itself:  pride in our work and pride in our country.  As with all other ADVs, of course, the WooFPAK doesn’t care what vehicle they’re on as long as they’re able to move in a natural gate and can run comfortably.   They love the freedom of motion of the WooFMobile, and so do we!