DSCN5511This completely custom quad features 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steering, full suspension, electric motor assist and more.

DSCN5512The Clown Shoe Rims are laced to custom hubs that we made specifically for this quad to utilize all 64 spokes.

DSCN5513The Woofmobile is driven by the Woofdriver himself with his dogs attached to these custom springer attachments.

DSCN5514DSCN5515DSCN5516The springer position is adjustable.

DSCN5517DSCN5518The front steering is adjustable for arm length and height.

DSCN5519The front control panel. The throttle and shifter for the front Patterson drive are mounted here. The Cycle Analyst display on the top shows speed and monitors battery level and motor performance. The joystick is used to control the rear servo-actuated steering.

DSCN5520DSCN5521All four wheels get power through a custom axle system. We built a floating axle to provide suspension and house the differentials.

DSCN5522The front steering uses rack and pinion to move the tierods.

DSCN5523This amazing motor provides 9000 Watts to the drivetrain.

DSCN5524There are four Rockshox Monarch Air Shocks on this beast.

DSCN5525We used two auto-shifting Nuvinci transmission to handle the power of our motor and the two pedalers.

DSCN5526We used a trailing arm system to achieve the travel and suspension geometry that we wanted.

DSCN5527 The blue box with fins is our 12V converter. It takes the 48V from the batteries and turns it to 12V for the servo below it. We also used the 12V to run the ground effect lights!

DSCN5528DSCN5529DSCN5530DSCN5531DSCN5532The Woofmobile uses two of our new modular seats. the seats are adjustable and super comfortable.

DSCN5533DSCN5534DSCN5535DSCN5536DSCN5537DSCN5538The motor features a belt drive reduction. We found the motor to still be too fast so added further reduction for more low-speed torque.

DSCN5539There is a lot of chain on this beast. Even though there are two transmissions we linked them together so that the motor or one pedaler can power the whole machine.

DSCN5540DSCN5541DSCN5542Because of the size of the machine and the wheels, four-wheel steering became a necessity to be able to maneuver it. The four-wheel steering was the hardest thing to figure out. We tried several different implementations and finally settled on using a computer-controlled servo for the rear wheel steering.

DSCN5543DSCN5544DSCN5550DSCN5549DSCN5548DSCN5547DSCN5546DSCN5545DSCN5551The front steering was also a challenge. The large wheels made any kind of lever actuated controls impossible to get in the right position. We initially decided on another servo for the front steering, but decided that for safety reasons (in case the battery died) we needed a manual setup. This custom geared pivot made it possible. The lower shaft connects to the rack and pinion system, while the upper shaft connects to the steering wheel and can be articulated as needed.

IMGP3405 IMGP3406 DSCN5558 DSCN5557 DSCN5556 DSCN5555 DSCN5554 DSCN5553 DSCN5552IMGP3377 IMGP3379 IMGP3380 IMGP3391 IMGP3392