Canon 60D

The 60D was one of my first high-end camera purchases.  Under the advice of one of the WooFDriver pit crew, I purchased a kit including a 18-200mm lens.  One of the reasons we choose this camera over others was that it had a swing out LCD that also pivots.  Allowing the camera to be held over your head or down on the ground and still see the shot.  Many other of its competitors did not have this feature.

I was truly astonished with the quality of photos I was able to take with virtually no photography experience.  Most of my cameras, including this one, I  rarely delve into the manual settings.  I often shoot in auto mode and rely on the camera to take the best picture.  My relative lack of experience with advanced cameras and the constant action in the field has dictated this method.  The flexibility of the lenses, the shutter speed and the end result blew my mind.  I was hooked on prosumer cameras.  It was my experiences with this camera that sent me on the search for the next best one.

Canon 70D

As my experience grew, I found that this camera didn’t perform as well in sunny environments at times.   In bright light, the exposure is blown in auto mode.  Especially with white dogs in dark green grass for instance.  I am able to compensate for it if I have the time.  But often times, things happen fast, and it’s “take the shot” or loose it.  Because of this my “first love”, more often than not, now sits on the shelf and has been replaced with the Nikon D7100.

I ran into a deal at a local shop and had read good write-ups on Canon’s D70.  On the D7100, I missed the swivel screen.  I hoped the 70D would be as good as the D7100, and it had the swivel screen.  So this would be the best of both worlds.

70D Multi Exposure with Zarro and Princess

The 70D still suffers from the same bright light auto exposure issues, but I still appreciate the  features in this camera.  Such as WiFI connectivity is built-in and implemented well.  Additionally, the tilt/swivel screen helps with framing of shoots.  I have discovered that it has multi exposure capabilities similar to the Samsung NX.  you can overlay up to 9 pictures on top of each other and this can lead to a stunning effect.  The remainder of the cameras effects are relatively standard and can only be applied during review of the pictures, not during the shot.



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