[caption id="attachment_1360" align="alignleft" width="138"]Mounts We even mount cams on the wheels![/caption] The excitement and joy from what we do most importantly the happiness it brings the WooFPAK are truly the essence of what  I want to capture on video and in pictures. This becomes a real challenge especially with the large amount of adventures we do it's hard to keep conveying our thrill without becoming repetitive. I therefore try to keep reinventing the way I document and capture these outings on film to keep the excitement every time I look back on what we've done! The most dynamic way I have found is to keep providing different views especially getting that incredible shot that shows the enjoyment and intensity of the dogs engaging their instinct and smiling ear to ear! I therefore have invested many hours into developing camera mounting ideas to provide me a plethora of options, combinations, and possibilities to creatively film these experiences and capture the essence of the moment so I never miss a beat of the passion! This section will cover years of research including trials, tribulations, and experiments of camera mounting and their visual results. Please comment and share your findings as this is one of my favorite puzzles to keep figuring out new methods and techniques to share this lifestyle that we have evolved!


RC Car

The RC car mounted camera was, yet again, the result of my never-ending quest to get a different shot and trying new things.  I...

360 Mount

Many movies have come out over the past few years with cool camera effects.  One I like a lot is in action movies, like...


After the RC car where next should I go? But up! Getting aerial shots would be so cool, and such a challenge. Piloting a...


Up until this device, camera shots were always from cameras fixed at a static location, on or off an ADV, or from a camera...

Follow Me

Many WooFDriver adventures have a large pit crew in support roles, with a couple of cameramen taking pictures and video.  But I often go...

Extended Mounts

When low profile is not needed, we generally adapt our GoPros to standard tripod mount. This has many advantages.  First, many other camera systems use...

Simple Mounts

When I first started mounting cameras, it was with the GoPro series.  They have a variety of mounts for both bikes and other applications. ...


GoPro Hero Series

Misting System

Free Ranging Vehicles