I am of the age that I was one of the first to grow up with computers.  The first to show up in middle school to find an Apple II computer.  The rest of my life I never looked back.  I am totally self-taught, but very competent.  So, when it comes to a workstation, you will be hard pressed to find anything more impressive, you’ll have to go to the big boy production shops probably.

SAMSUNG CSCThe base computer itself, while still extremely functional is a bit dated.  It is a MacPro with Dual Quad Core 2.4Ghz Xeon processors and 32GB of RAM.  I was considering upgrading a year or so ago and then Apple started with the teasers of their “new” MacPro (which is now out and awesome) so decided to wait.  The base system is where “only nice” ends and crazy begins.  Inside the MacPro I have a 1TB system drive and a 16TB RAID array I use for my work drive.  My current projects are stored and rendered here.  Inside I also have Dual ATI Radeon Video boards allow six displays to be attached at once, which of course I have.  Because I am the WooFDriver and nothing is too extreme.

Next to my main Mac is my old MacPro which accessed through a KVM to a dual display (read about below).  This way I can switch over if the main Mac is rendering or I want to do something that doesn’t tie the main one up.  Above the Mac is a decent but run of the mill Dell i7 tower, also through the KVM, for those things only a PC can do.

To the left of the Towers, stacked on the floor you will see four APC UPS units.  One is for the Dell and all my peripherals like the local ethernet hub, the router, cable modem, KVM, etc  The second is for the secondary Mac and a small server that is out of view that runs in-house things like DHCP.  The third one has and a supplemental battery pack, more than doubling the online time, that is the fourth APC unit.  This is for my MacPro system.  This extensive UPS system is in place for obvious reasons.  But, power is also backed-up by a GenSet outside, a dual generator setup run from propane.  the UPS system only needs to work for the time it takes for the Genset to kick in.  Or if there is a problem with the GenSet, long enough for me to shut everything down.

Computer ScreensOne of the most impressive elements of my workstation is the multiple monitor setup, 8 in all technically.  The small one to the far left is a security camera monitor.  I can keep an eye on the dogs and all around the build with just a flick of my eye.  The center grid of six monitors is accessed by the Main mac listed above.  it is an array of Samsung thin bezel 1080p color corrected monitors.  It allows for a tremendous amount of desktop space.  I can stretch my video timeline across 3 monitors, work in Illustrator, have a browser window open, and still have a display left for things like finder.  Since its implementation, my workflow has increased greater than six times!  The last monitor to the right is actually a 3D display.  This is used for 3D editing on the Dell, and as a secondary monitor for MacPro number two.  The KVM switches the lower right display plus KB/mouse away from the main MacPro to either the second MacPro, the Dell or the server.  In this way I have flexibility in accessing multiple computers and multiple monitors in a very efficient way with a press of a button.

You can also see big silver microphone (by “Blue”) to the right of the desk.  I use this to narrate many of my video, produce web-based radio shows, etc.




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