GoPro Hero2 Ragecams IR ModWe have spent a lot of time over the years perfecting our use of GoPro cameras, in learning how to control them, mount them, and best fields of view.  It made logical sense to explore options for modifying them for night-time use.  It didn’t take long to determine that Rage Cams was the best company out there.  We could purchase them ready to go, or have GoPros we already owned modified.  Since we had already switched to Hero3s for our daytime use, we sent off four Hero2s that didn’t see much action anymore.  The guys at Rage Cams are very knowledgable, responsive to pre sales questions, and quick to turn gear around.  In less than a week from when we started our research, we had them back!

they have various options available.  We went with the highest quality lens that would still fit in our standard GoPro mounts.  That way we didn’t have the additional cost of replacing the housings.  Included ‘RageCam” sticks made it convenient to identify which cams were modded so we don’t get them mixed up with the daylight cams.

We started this Midnight Musher season using these cams a couple of weeks ago, but the videos haven’t made it out of post production yet.  We’ve been too busy getting this new WoofTek site together!  Check back soon and this page will be updated with our new videos!

Rage Cams IR GoPro