Super QuadFor the third iteration, we set out to build a bike to further our success with the Low Rider, another low profile recumbent style vehicle with lithium battery power. Being low to the ground gives us a ‘dog eye view’ of the ride, as well as providing for the passengers’ comfort. Learning from my experience with the Big Rig, I decided I wanted this craft to be lighter in form and, simultaneously, to be able handle extra weight. With this goal in mind, we moved away from the extraneous weight of the Rhoades Car frame by building in aluminum… It’s strong, but sufficiently light for our needs.

Super QuadFreed somewhat from previous weight constraints, we were able to develop and add a misting system. This involved keeping a large cooler capacity of water (10 to 15 gallons) on board, to be able to spray the dogs and keep them cool on warmer weather runs. To make room for this, we designed the second passenger seating area to double as a cargo rack when not carrying a second person. Additionally, we had in mind that when a second passenger is on board, they’d have places to mount additional sound and video gear for live broadcast and any other filming needs of the WooFDriver.

Super QuadThis bike was designed with an echo speed motor similar to the Low Rider, but this one is not hub driven. It’s a mid-drive system where the motor mounts behind the first rider’s seat. Similarly to the Low Rider, independent peddling was implemented for each passenger, built into the design. The lead driver is equipped with an additional pedal gearing, which includes a Patterson two-speed drive gearing system.

Super QuadWe designed our new aluminum frame to be able to accommodate many possible placements of the dog attachments (closer together or further apart). Taking into account the cargo rack, we designed the back seat to be easily removable with a set of Kotter pins.This makes for easy transportation of the vehicle itself. This lightweight, versatile frame was completely custom built by the fabricator under my design specifications and his corroboration. We have additionally added external AGM batteries to power IR lighting for nighttime runs and to provide computer power for our webcasts. For rider comfort and better handling abilities, we included suspension with this version. We used a NuVinci transmission for smoother gear shifting and better rolling efficiency. These modifications make for one smooth ride!

There was still the issue of solving the breaking challenges that plagued both the Low Rider and the Big Rig to varying degrees. We began using a BB7 braking system, a fairly advanced evolutionary step in breaking technology for the time. It didn’t fully solve the issues, but it did immensely assist in assuaging the breaking problems we’d previously experienced.

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