DoubleDecker1The 4×4- Four passengers, four dogs! The fabricator of this vehicle liked to refer to the Double Decker as a fusion between an electric car and a tandem bicycle.  This forth project was actually influenced by the Rhoades Car, with its high structure and seats standing about three feet tall… but we pushed this design one step further. Instead of two passengers, this incredible bike can handle four passengers. Again improving on the Rhoades Car template, this structure had to be built extremely strong to achieve four passenger capabilities, but kept light for sufficient agility and efficiency.

DoubleDecker2The Double Decker frame was built out of aluminum, just like the Super Quad. We painstakingly addressed a serious concern in the blueprints: How to fit this behemoth on the trails! We narrowed the footprint to make this vehicle trail worthy and able to navigate on a typical bike path, fitting through narrow three foot wide bollards. Narrowing the footprint and combining that with the larger standing frame created new challenges in achieving reliable stability. And, as with the other bikes, there was the matter of finding a way to electric-assist this beast. We decided on twin echo speed motors and twin transmissions combined into one throttle. Using 1000-watt motors, powered by 48-volt batteries, we were able to keep a reliable power source over a wide range of distances. This power, plus proper gearing to make the bike truly trail worthy, all came together to make this design work.

Doubledecker3Because we suspected that the weakest part of the bike would be the wheels, we designed it to carry an extra wheel on the back in case of a breakdown. Seating would also be a major concern for the riders. This bike would not able to be fitted with traditional recumbent seats because of the taller-than-average upright structure. After careful research and deliberation, a weight efficient seat was chosen as suitable to the task. The correct seat is instrumental in making a ride comfortable over long distances, and thus is necessary in making a vehicle capable of embarking on long journeys.

As with our previous designs, independent pedaling is possible by all four passengers. This capability might prove useful on a steep hill due to the weight of the vehicle. Though the aluminum build and design is very weight-conservative, it is still a feat for the dogs to pull! The frame is designed, as with the Super Quad, to facilitate placing the dogs anywhere along the rails, to improve the comfort and efficiency of our canine crew. The Double Decker is usually a trotting vehicle, as the weight limits the dogs from assisting to a great extent, but we love this fun design because it can include the whole family on an exciting outing with the dogs.

Doubledecker4The rear cargo rack can carry lots of gear, so this could reasonably be used on a camping trip with the family, as well as accommodate the misting system for summer runs. The front riders are again equipped with an additional Patterson gearing system. Our Double Decker has been extremely reliable through many road and weather conditions. We have even used it to do some of our WooFHouse tours, which include musicians playing live music aboard the bike while we mush the dogs.

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